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                          使用鋼結構對原有房屋建筑進行加層改造是增大使用面積的快捷有效的方法。許多工程實踐證明,采用加層改造方案比拆舊新建方案具有工期短、造價低、改善使用功能等特點。屋頂加層制作的工藝材料及方式有很多其中以鋼結構施工快捷,安全穩定,以及很高的價值,被得到廣泛采納。鋼材與混凝土及木材相比,其屈服點和抗拉伸強度較大,在承載力相同的條件下,鋼結構構件截面小,重量輕,便于運輸和安裝。這些都有利于室內制作鋼結構,同時也會大大增加室內空間。同時鋼結構,制造簡便,施工周期短,無須保養,后期裝飾連接簡便。這些優點都有利于扭王塊模具 高鐵遮板模具 階梯護坡模具 拱形護坡模具 卵形槽模具 保定室內設計培訓 保定平面設計培訓樓房結構內的改造與加固。
                          It is a quick and effective method to increase the using area to use steel structure to add stories to the original building. Many engineering practices have proved that, compared with the old one, the scheme of adding storey has the characteristics of shorter construction period, lower cost and better use function. There are many craft materials and ways of roof adding layer production, among which steel structure construction is fast, safe and stable, as well as high value, which is widely adopted. Compared with concrete and wood, steel has higher yield point and tensile strength. Under the same bearing capacity, steel structure components have small cross-section and light weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation. These are conducive to the indoor production of steel structures, but also greatly increase the indoor space. At the same time, the steel structure has the advantages of simple manufacture, short construction period, no maintenance, and simple decoration and connection in the later stage. These advantages are conducive to the reconstruction and reinforcement of the building structure.


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